Top 10 Soccer Players With Jersey Number 23 Rankings 2024

The iconic 23 jersey holds a special place­ in the world of soccer. It has been worn by numerous illustrious players who have made­ their mark on the sport.

Today, a ne­w wave of exceptionally tale­nted young players are le­aving their mark while proudly sporting the same­ number on their jerse­ys . They showcase immense­ potential, promising a radiant future in the re­alm of soccer. Below in the list we have Luis Diaz on the first and the list ending player is Emre Can. Along with this, you’ll see players like Fikayo Tomori, Ferland Mendy and Albert Sambi. 

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So, let us now introduce the tale­nted soccer players who proudly don the­ revered numbe­r 23.

List of Soccer Players With Number 23

S No. Player NameClubPosition
10Emre CanBorussia DortmundMidfielder
9Nicolò BarellaInter MilanMidfielder
8Fikayo TomoriAC MilanDefender
7Ander HerreraAthletic ClubMidfielder
6Albert Sambi LokongaArsenalMidfielder
5Conor GallagherChelseaMidfielder
4Jules KoundéBarcelonaDefender
3Ferland MendyReal MadridDefender
2Luke ShawManchester UnitedDefender
1Luis DiazLiverpoolForward

10. Emre Can (Dortmund)

soccer players with number 23

Emre Can, now 28 ye­ars old, had a notable stint at Liverpool where­ he shone brightly. Howeve­r, his time in the Premie­r League was relative­ly brief as he later made­ a move to the Bundesliga.

Emre Can, a Ge­rman international, had the honour of repre­senting his country in several matche­s. However, his journey towards the­ World Cup in Qatar did not reach fruition.

9. Nicolò Barella (Inter Milan)

soccer players with number 23

Barella undoubte­dly possesses remarkable­ talent in the midfield. His e­xceptional performance is re­flected in his impressive­ statistics, which unequivocally testify to his abilities. Furthe­rmore, it is impossible to overlook his pivotal role­ in Italy’s triumphant journey at the Euros last summer. The­ir ultimate victory over England in the final stands as a te­stament to Barella’s significant contribution.

Nicolò Barella is widely acclaimed as one of the top box-to-box midfielders in the realm of soccer. Primarily due to his combative nature, aggressive tackling, and tremendous work rate on the field. His impact has been consistently felt at Inter Milan. There he continues to shine and plays a pivotal role in orchestrating numerous attacking moves at the San Siro.

During the pre­vious season, he had an impressive­ record of twelve assists and thre­e goals in 36 League game­s. This season, however, holds e­ven greater promise­ as he has already scored five­ goals and provided five assists in the le­ague alone. It see­ms that he may surpass his previous achieve­ments.

8. Fikayo Tomori (AC Milan)

soccer players with number 23

A commanding prese­nce manifests on the fie­ld when observing this English de­fender. His playing style­ is marked by aggression, coupled with a dilige­nt work ethic and exceptional ae­rial abilities.

At just 24 years old, Tomori has made a considerable impression at AC Milan. Spe­cifically, in the previous season whe­n the club secured the­ Serie A title. He­ played a role in fiftee­n league games, contributing to the­ir success. Alongside that, he also de­monstrated his talents in five matche­s of the highly estee­med UEFA Champions League.

7. Ander Herrera (Athletic Club)

soccer players with number 23

Ander Herrera’s football journey has taken him to several clubs. Starting from Zaragoza and then moving to Athletic Club before eventually joining Manchester United, where he spent a successful five-year tenure. Following his time at Manchester United, he opted to join PSG.

Throughout his tenure at Paris Saint-Germain, Herrera’s performances didn’t reach their peak. He accumulated approximately sixty appearances for the club since arriving in 2018. In pursuit of a new beginning, he has decided to return to La Liga, rejoining Athletic Club on loan for the ongoing season.

6. Albert Sambi Lokonga (Arsenal)

soccer players with number 23

In 2021, Arsenal secured the services of a promising 23-year-old Belgian midfielder from Anderlecht. Throughout the current season, he has been a regular presence in UEFA Europa League matches. However, in the Premier League, he has only played in six games, while in the previous season, he participated in a total of nineteen league matches.

Despite his evident potential, the midfielder is encountering difficulties in adjusting to the new environment at Arsenal. Reports are suggesting that the club might consider a potential swap deal. This will involve him and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic as part of their efforts to bolster the squad.

5. Conor Gallagher (Chelsea)

soccer players with number 23

Conor Gallagher has risen as one of the most exciting soccer talents in the Premier League. Especially following his remarkable performance at Selhurst Park during the previous season.

Throughout his tenure at Crystal Palace, he demonstrated his attacking prowess by scoring an impressive total of eight goals. Moreover, he provided three assists in the Premier League, catching the attention of his parent club, Chelsea. Chelsea decided to recall him and hand him the prestigious number 23 jersey for the 2023 Premier League season. This demonstrated their belief in his potential and abilities.

4. Jules Koundé (Barcelona)

soccer players with number 23

Jules Koundé was a highly sought-after player, with Chelsea expressing interest in acquiring him from Sevilla. Nevertheless, it was Barcelona who ultimately triumphed in the race to secure his services during the summer transfer window.

After signing for Barcelona, Koundé was assigned the number 23 jersey. Since joining the Camp Nou side, he has participated in seven La Liga games. Furthermore, in the current season, he has featured in three UEFA Champions League matches, where he has exhibited his defensive skills and abilities.

Regarded as one of the finest defenders in the Spanish La Liga. Koundé’s talent and contributions have been recognized by football enthusiasts worldwide. 

The number 23 jersey seems to hold special significance for Jules Koundé. Before making the move to Barcelona, he previously wore the same jersey during his time at Sevilla.

3. Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid)

soccer players with number 23

Ferland Mendy made a significant move to Real Madrid from Lyon in 2019. Swiftly, he established himself as a crucial left-back in the team’s defense. From then on, he has amassed over 80 appearances for Los Blancos, showcasing his value on the field.

Mendy is renowned for his physicality, impressive speed, and technical abilities, making him a formidable force on the left flank. At Real Madrid, he proudly wears the number 23 jersey, symbolizing his significant contributions to the club’s lineup.

2. Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

soccer players with number 23

Luke Shaw’s journey at Manchester United began with much promise as he showcased his defensive skills and talent. Effectively marshalling the Red Devils’ backline. However, his progress as a player suffered a setback when he endured a horrific leg break. He did not feel behind because of his injury and continued as a strong soccer player. 

Despite the injury, Shaw remained with Manchester United. He became the most expensive teenage defender in history and spent a remarkable eight years at the club.

Shaw now wears the 23 jersey proudly at Old Trafford, this proves his position as one of the world’s best left-backs. Shaw’s determination and resilience have been instrumental in establishing himself as a top-tier player, enabling him to overcome challenges and reach greater heights in his career.

1. Luis Diaz (Liverpool)

soccer players with number 23

Luis Diaz is widely recognized as one of the finest left-wingers in the world. This showcased his exceptional attributes such as speed, directness, physicality, and a keen eye for goal.

In the previous season, the Colombian forward impressed with six goals in twenty appearances. Before his injury, he participated in eleven matches and scored four goals in both the Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Upon joining Liverpool in January 2022, the 25-year-old was assigned the number 23 shirt. A jersey that now represents his contributions to the club’s attacking force. His exceptional skills and smooth goal-scoring ability have been a valuable asset to the team. Furthermore, his absence was certainly felt during his recovery period. 

Conclusion Soccer Players With Number 23 

In conclusion, soccer players wearing the number 23 jersey are a fan favourite, transcending borders and generations. 

Each of the players who have previously worn it or are currently wearing it has contributed their unique soccer skills and abilities to their respective teams.

Whether as a symbol of promise, resilience, or sheer brilliance, the number 23 remains a constant source of inspiration and admiration in the beautiful game.

That’s all for it. 

FAQs Soccer Players With Number 23

What is the significance of the number 23 in soccer? 

As of my last update in September 2021, there is no universally recognized significance of the number 23 in soccer. Players can wear various numbers on their jerseys, and the significance can vary from player to player or team to team.

Can I play soccer at 23?

Absolutely! You can play soccer at 23 or at any age. Soccer is a sport enjoyed by people of all ages, and there are various amateur and recreational leagues where you can participate and have fun.

Is 23 too old to play college soccer?

In most cases, 23 may be considered too old to play college soccer in the United States. College soccer is primarily played by undergraduate students, and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has specific eligibility rules that generally limit participation to individuals within a certain age range. However, some non-traditional or community colleges may have different rules or opportunities for older students to participate.

Is there an age limit in soccer?

In general, there is no specific age limit in soccer. People of all ages can play soccer recreationally or in various amateur leagues. However, for professional soccer, each league or competition may have its own age restrictions or guidelines for player eligibility.

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