What is a Winger in Soccer? Roles and Responsibilities of Winger

Soccer is a position-based sport. There are many positions involved in soccer each requires a particular skill set and abilities. 

In soccer, the winger is one of the most dangerous and frequently used positions. The team stands on the sidelines of the pitch. Wingers fall into two types left-wingers and right-wingers. 

It is the position used in all formations due to its significance. Good wingers are usually dedicated and can push through physical hardship.

What is a Winger in Soccer?

A winger in soccer is a player who starts a match on the left or right “wing” of the pitch. Their role is to support forward and create goals and opportunities for the team. It is important that they stay within the play zone and do not cross the touchline or sidelines. Crossing the ball to a central teammate is a common tactic used in sports where the main goal (by whatever name) is in the middle of the field.

Traits of a Good Winger:

As we discussed earlier, Winger in soccer is one of the most crucial positions. Having a winger with good traits is essential for winning a game.

Here are the top traits of a winger in soccer:

  • Endurance.
  • Speed.
  • Dribbling ability.
  • Vision.
  • Crossing ability.
  • Goal Scoring ability.
  • Defending ability.
what is a winger in soccer
left winger and right winger positions

Positions of a Winger in Soccer:

In every soccer team on the field, two wingers play. Their role is to support an attack and position them accordingly. The positions of wingers in soccer are left and right sides of a field. One is positioned beside the left touchline, and in the same way, the other is beside the right touchline.

Role of a Winger in Soccer:

A winger is a player with prime responsibilities in a team. How many goals a team will score mainly depends on a winger in a game. 

We list out a few roles and responsibilities of a winger in a soccer match:

  • Creating goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Bypass opposition defense.
  • Score goal.
  • Expand the opponent’s defense.
  • Support his team’s defense.
what is a winger in soccer

Tips for a Winger:

If you play at a wing position and suffer,  don’t worry here are a few valuable tips to become a good soccer winger.

  • Outrun your opponent.

To beat your opponent, use soccer techniques and quickness. Don’t do this when you’re on defense. In such a situation, passing is a better option.

  •  Pass when delay:

Once you’ve defeated the opposition winger couple of times, he’ll probably allow you some room and try to delay rather than tackle you.

  • The sop-and-start techniques:

These techniques are ideal for preparing a cross or fooling a defender approaching from the side.

  • Make Diagonal Lines:

Aim toward the goal while cutting inside, passing the ball, and running.

Occasionally, when the center midfielder possesses the ball, makes cross runs. This will shock the opposition.

  • Cut Inside:

Wingers are predicted to dribble down the sideline by defenders. You can get around your opponent by making a quick cut inside.

Identifying the winger’s number (right wing or left wing)

A number has been worn on the back of each player’s jersey throughout the history of soccer.

In the same way, the winger plays the same position.

It is traditional for wingers on a team to wear the number 7 or 11. The number 7 is worn by the player on the right wing, while the number 11 is worn by the player on the left wing. Numbers are not assigned to wingers by position in modern soccer; wingers can have different numbers depending on their position.

It is almost impossible to find a classic winger who did not wear the number 7 or 11 like Cruyff, Beckham, or Garrincha.

Faqs: What is a Winger in Soccer?

Q- What are the tips for becoming a good winger?

 Here are a few valuable tips for becoming a good soccer winger.
1. Outrun your opponent.
2. Cut inside.
3. Make diagonal lines.
4. The sop-and-start techniques.
5. Pass when delayed.

Q- What are the traits of a winger?

Here are the top traits of a winger in soccer:
1. Endurance.
2. Speed.
3. Dribbling ability.
4. Vision.
5. Crossing ability.
6. Goal Scoring ability.
7. Defending ability.

Q- How many wingers are in a team?

Usually, a team has two wingers. They work on the beside if right and left lines.

Wrap It Up:

Lastly, a winger in soccer is one of the most vital players in a team. Teams mostly rely on a winger to score maximum goals in a match. So, a winger has to be good enough in fitness with skills for instance runnings, speed, stamina, etc.

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