Average Soccer Player Height? Ideal Height For Soccer Players

In Soccer players of different heights face each other. This makes it even more exciting because each has pros and cons. Let’s take a brief look at some points. What is the average height of soccer players? Is height important? Is height play any significant role in soccer?

Average height of soccer players is approximately 5 foot 11 inches and 180cm. Short players are more likely to be upfront. Teams are becoming taller and taller, especially with the goalkeeper.

Despite some of the best players being undersized, being taller has benefits. Although, this is not the essential factor in football success. But players’ body size might influence their effectiveness.

By position, how tall is the average soccer player?

Average Height in Soccer for Each Position:

Position describes the height of a Soccer player. Have a look at this table to gain more insight. Here are the average heights of soccer players for each position.

Average Height Position
6 foot 2 inches (188 cm)Goalkeepers
6 foot (183 cm)Defenders
5 foot 11 inches (180cm)Midfielders
5 foot 11 inches (180cm)Strikers

Does Height Matter in Soccer?

As we discussed above, it all depends on the position of playing. For a defender and goalkeeper, it plays a vital role. For instance, it boosts a goalkeeper’s reach and enhances a defender’s ability to head the ball. So, yeah, height does matter in soccer. The position you play will, however, determine whether or not it matters to you.

Advantages of Being Tall in Soccer:

In most sports, height can be an advantage, but in soccer, the benefits aren’t quite as obvious (apart from goalkeepers). The benefits you can gain from your height also depend on your position. Having a little more height can help in some instances. The key benefits of being a tall soccer player are those mentioned above.

  • Heading.
  • Strength.
  • Reach of the goalkeeper.
  • Leg length.

Let’s talk about each of these separately so we can gain a better understanding


A player’s height advantage makes it easier for him or her to win a ball in the air. Taller players have an advantage over shorter players in terms of timing and a head start.

In some scenarios, such as when there’s a lot of space near the net for taller defenders, they can score goals.

Leg Length

At certain times, having longer legs will help you win and control the ball. Balls are easier to reach on both sides, and players can reach them better.

The ability to fight for a ball without engaging in too much physical contact is very useful if done properly, as it helps to make sure the ball is won. Using your body to your advantage will make your opponents crazy if you are a tall player.


In addition to their height advantage, taller soccer players are typically stronger as well. Shorter opponents have less leverage against them since their bodies are stronger.

It is still possible to have success as a player if they are extremely skinny and tall.

Strength is an important factor in soccer that is often overlooked by people. For the match to be won, it must be won on an individual level in every position.

Reach (Goalkeepers)

Using reach correctly can be one of the biggest advantages in soccer, even at one position. It can make the difference between winning and losing a match if you get a fingertip on the ball.

It is possible for taller goalkeepers to excel in the game. One of the reasons goalies are usually the tallest players on a team is that they have to be. Typically, taller players are able to reach the net from a farther distance and control shots that are sent toward them.

As long as the goalkeeper is agile and has quick reactions, he or she can grow to over 6’6″. There seems to be a preference for taller, longer players as goalie in the modern game. Goalkeepers with smaller frames will have difficulty keeping up with the speed of the balls.

average height of soccer players
Average height of soccer players

Ideal Soccer Height:

The ideal height of a soccer player is 5 feet 6 and 6 feet 2 inches tall. No brackets are set for a soccer player’s height. Players of different heights play their roles fluently. For Instance, Messi is a player of short height, but he is one of the biggest names in soccer.

Despite being taller, Ronaldo is one of the greatest players. Primarily, you would prefer a player who is tall enough to vie in aerial duels with pace and power.

Advantages of Being a Short Soccer Player:

Similar to the player with tall height. Usually, teams have short strikers and midfielders.  The short soccer players have significant edges in-game. The benefits of being a short soccer player are as follows.

  • Speed.
  • Low Center of Gravity.
  • Ball Control.

let’s look at each of them separately



There is no evidence that short players are necessarily faster and quicker than taller players, but they usually tend to have a bit of an edge when it comes to speed. Especially in soccer, where there are many quick bursts of action, this is especially true.

Although players might think longer strides would be beneficial to cover more ground, it is also important to be able to control the ball quickly and change directions when they change directions. This is why taller players often struggle to keep control of the ball when moving around and under pressure.

When it comes to shorter players, acceleration is key. Their speed allows them to get to their destination very quickly without wasting much time. As well as balance, a good amount of speed on takeoff can help you reach the ball sooner or later.

Lower Center of Gravity

A soccer player who has a lower center of gravity has an advantage over an opponent. It is very beneficial to be able to easily maneuver around the pitch on both sides of the ball since the ball is almost always on the ground.

Offenses have a very hard time getting past certain players because it makes it harder for defenders to make a play.

Ball Control

Ball control has already been mentioned a bit, but it’s definitely an important skill to possess. It allows for better control overall when you can take shorter steps and have more touch on the ball.

Can Tall Players Dribble?

In a nutshell, yes, and based on their skill set, they can excel at it. Taller players typically won’t be as adept at dribbling as smaller players, but that doesn’t mean in all circumstances.

Positions of Tall Soccer Players:

Most tall soccer players are either central defenders or strikers. It is because they frequently play each other in a match. A tall defender would be able to compete in all circumstances and won’t often lose aerial duels. The tall striker can be an asset considering that he can serve as the team’s attack’s focal point.

Positions of Short Soccer Players:

Similarly, In the case of shorter play, they have their respective positions. Short soccer players are in wide positions on the soccer field. Mostly, teams’ wingers and right- and left-backs are smaller.


What is the average height of a soccer player?

The average height of a soccer player is almost 5’11’’ and 183 cm.

What are the positions for the tall players?

The proper positions for the tall players are goalkeeper and defender.

What are the positions for short players?

The suited positions for the short players are midfielder and striker.

What is the ideal soccer player’s height?

The ideal height for a soccer player is in the range of 5’6’’ to 6’2’.

Do taller players receive different treatment?

There is always more difficulty determining how many contacts a bigger player receives compared to a smaller player in just about any sport. The rule applies specifically to soccer, as players have a tendency to throw their bodies around a bit so as to draw fouls.

Soccer players often complain about height discrepancies, but when there is a major discrepancy it can be even worse.

It is unfortunate that taller players sometimes exaggerate their calls in order to get a call or two. When smaller players make contact, they won’t get any calls unless they move them. When fighting for a spot, they still have a right to their positioning.

To Summarize: 

As previously discussed, average height can be an x-factor for some players. However, soccer isn’t just about tall players. Player has a role in soccer regardless of height. For short ones, midfielders and strikers, and taller ones have defenders and goalkeepers.

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