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About Socceriate

Welcome to socceriate!

Our goal with socceriate is to share our passion for the game through our content. The goal of socceriate is to provide our visitors with the most authentic and unique content possible.

The name Socceriate site comes from the fact that we’re always thinking about soccer and live by the soccer philosophy. 

What is the aim of Socceriate?

The only aim of socceriate is to provide authentic information about the game.

Who is writing the content on Socceriate? 

Hi there! Hi there! I am Jack Wilson and I am originally from England, the country that introduced soccer to the world. The people of England are literally crazy about soccer but they say it’s Football. It’s no different for me!

Soccer has been a part of my life since I was a  child. The majority of my time is spent watching soccer games and programs on television. With the passage of time, i can say that my passion for soccer is increasing day by within me. It is clear that this is a passion-driven website.

I strive to provide the most authentic, precise, and reliable information about soccer on socceriate, which you will enjoy reading. 

How content is created on Socceriate?

The content on this website is written by me personally. It is more important to me to provide accurate information about this game than anything else on earth. 

There is some content created by freelance writers I hire, but nothing is published until I read, analyze, confirm/correct everything (and, when necessary, completely rewrite some bits). I’m passionate about providing the best information to the readers. 

Our only aim is to provide the most authentic information.

The website is solely for people interested in learning more about soccer, developing skills, and learning new tricks.

That’s why you should stay on socceriate so that you can learn more soccer-related information. If you do you will love our content. 

Once again, welcome to Socceriate! We hope you enjoy the content we worked hard on!

By the way, if you have any suggestions on how to make this site better, please let us know!