Who Invented Soccer in 1863? Who is Father of Soccer History Till 2024

There are many opinions about the invention of soccer, but after thorough research, we’ve concluded that England invented Soccer. China, Greece, Rome, Scotland, and parts of Central America also contributed to the invention of Soccer.

However, modern soccer was invented by England in 1863 when the internationally accepted first governing body of the Football Association was formed in London.

who invented soccer

How Did Soccer Evolve?

As we all know, everything evolves with time, and soccer is no different. With the modernization in the game, gadgets, soccer cleats, soccer rules and soccer formations have changed with time.

We can relate the soccer of the modern era to folk football, in which two violent mobs played the game with no rules. Over the years, rules have changed, and new inventions have been made in soccer. Some of the major changes made in soccer are as below. 

  • Goal Kicks were first introduced in 1863 goal kick was awarded to the opposing team when one team touched the soccer ball with their hand.
  • Cross bars, also known as goalposts, were first introduced in 1875.
  • When a player commits a direct free-kick offense inside the penalty area or off the field, a penalty kick is awarded to the opponent team. A penalty kick was first awarded to the opponent team in 1891.  
  •  The offside rule originated in 1863. Offside occurs when three opponents are in front of a player (including the goalkeeper).
  • According to the Fifa pass-back, the rule goalkeeper cannot handle the ball when passed by his teammate. Pass back rule was first introduced in 1992.
  • Goal line technology, or goal decision system, was first introduced in 2017.
  •  Referees can watch slow-motion replays and advise the on-field referee while watching the match via multiple screens. Var was first introduced in 2017.

As we all know, soccer is the most played and watched game worldwide. Some sources claim that soccer was invented almost around 4000 years ago. Some sources also claim that soccer was invented in Japan in 600 A.D.

who invented soccer

Soccer in Ancient China

One of the first nations that invented a game of hitting a ball. They named soccer Suju, which was played in a rectangular field by two teams. Two teams juggle the leather ball and then hit a goal. Chinese army used this game as their training.

Soccer in Ancient Greece 

Ancient Greeks played a game called Episkyros in which two equally numbered teams threw the ball over the heads of each other. There were white lines between the teams and white lines behind each team. There would be many ball changes between the teams until one of the teams would be forced behind the line at their end.

Soccer in Ancient Central America 

Central America created a rubber ball and used it in a 40 to 50 feet long court shaped like a capital ‘I’. A mounted stone or wooden ring was in the middle of each wall, through which the hard rubber ball was projected.

We can’t get a clue who invented soccer. Do you know who is the father of soccer? Here is some information about the father of soccer.

Father of Soccer

Ebenezer Cobby Morlay is the real father of soccer. He also created a football club BARNES back in 1862. He remained the captain of the squad of Barnes club team for several years. Barnes Football Club played their match against Richmond Club back in 1863.

Famous Soccer Leagues

With the invention of soccer, various leagues were also invented. the name and inventions of some are below

Besides the soccer leagues, the most famous tournament in the entire world is the world cup which FIFA organized. After every four years, FIFA held the tournament.

In this tournament, around 190 to 200 teams compete in qualifying. The Final was conducted once in four years in which 32 teams competed with each other.

When Was Fifa Founded? Who Started Fifa?

Fifa was founded in May 1904. The purpose of the initiative is to promote Association Football (as opposed to rugby union and American football) by seven national associations — Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Promote the organization of football matches at all levels, and control all types of association football by taking the necessary steps to foster friendly relations between National Associations, Confederations, and their officials and players.

(FAQs) About Who Invented Soccer?

who invented soccer in 1863?

However, one country stood out when trying to understand who invented soccer. In December 1863, England invented soccer.

who invented soccer cleats?

According to researchers, the English monarch ordered the royal cordwainer (shoemaker) to stitch him a pair of boots “to play football”.

What is the name of the person who invented soccer?

One of the founding fathers of the Football Association was Ebenezer Cobby Morley. As a captain of Barnes Football Club for several years, he founded the club in 1862.

Final Words On Who Invented Soccer?

In summary, Who invented soccer? Many countries had an element to play in forming soccer (association football) that we all know and love today. However, in 1848 and 1863, England began modernizing the sport with rules and uniforms.

Because the modern football sport grew in popularity between different schools and towns in England, the game’s intrigue grew in other countries. Thus, the International Federation of football (FIFA) began in 1904.

Today, soccer is more popular than ever. Over 1 billion people tuned in to the FIFA tournament in 2018, and the sport continues to grow. Even MLS (Major League Soccer) adds more teams within the US to compete in the beautiful game.

Next time you get asked who invented soccer? You’ll say that many countries had a hand in shaping the sport, which is why it’s a world phenomenon. However, England still receives credit for tying various rules into one set of agreed-up ways to play the sport. That’s why the majority credit them because of the inventors of soccer.

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