Who Invented Soccer Ball? (Complete History Of Soccer Ball Till Now)

All of us must have played football sometimes in our life. Have you ever wondered who invented the soccer ball and why was it needed? In this article, we will discuss who invented soccer ball after the invention of soccer. The modern soccer ball was invented in 1855 by Charles Goodyear. A natural rubber material called gum elastic was discovered by him during the 1830s by Charles Goodyear. 

Before the Invention of the Soccer Ball

Before the invention of the ball people used to play with the skull of humans, with the skull people can’t play the game fast it must be a very painful game to play. After That people started playing with the human skull after stitching it up in cloth.

After some time human skull has been replaced with the bladder of a pig and cow. But the problem here is that the bladder of pigs and cows is not durable to play games.

What Was the First Soccer Ball Made of?

The first soccer ball was made of a leather casing filled with inflated animal bladders, typically from pigs.

This design emerged in the early 19th century and replaced earlier versions made of stitched cloth or rubber bladders. Over time, the materials used in soccer ball construction have evolved, with modern balls typically featuring synthetic materials.

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Invention of Vulcanised Rubber

Between 1831 and 1832 Charles Goodyear founded natural rubber. After many years in 1855, Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber. After the invention of vulcanized rubber, Charles Goodyear invented the first soccer ball.

Invention by H.J Lindon

After the invention of the vulcanized ball, the first inflatable rubber ball was invented by  H.J Lindon in 1862. Before that, his wife died of some kind of lung disease. The ill effects of blowing up pig’s bladders probably inspired Lindon to develop the inflatable rubber bladder. 

In the 20th century, football was becoming very popular, hard balls were not tolerated and there was a lot of importance to making a  ball more effective. The only type of ball available until then was made of leather with an inside bladder. These balls were considered a work of art. 

players are not satisfied with this kind of ball these balls are creating huge controversy as. They believed that the skill of picking a ball is as important as playing soccer. 

It was difficult to handle these balls in the rain because they became very heavy. At that time they tried another method to make balls more efficient by putting a strong layer between the bladder and outer covering. Unfortunately, this idea did not work.

Invention of White Soccer Ball

White ball was first permitted in 1951 after floodlights made it easier to see the ball. The use of white soccer balls dates back to 1892 when they were unofficially used. The white ball was simply produced by whitewashing the leather.

Buckminster Style Soccer Ball

 After that, in 1960, an architect named R Buckminster Fuller designed the soccer ball that we use today. This ball contains 20 hexagonal and 10 pentagonal pieces which were stitched together.

The first Buckminster-style soccer ball was made by Adidas and they named it Telstar. In 1970, FIFA also used this ball as its first official ball.

Until now, the ball hasn’t changed or the changes are very minor. Since everything is modernized, companies have tried to change the ball to comply with FIFA rules.

who invented soccer ball

Innovations of Soccer Balls By Adidas 

1.Teamgeist soccer ball

The main difference between teamgeist soccer ball and the old soccer ball was that teamgeist soccer ball only contained 14 panels instead of 32 panels. Adidas invented teamgeist football for the 2006 FIFA world cup.

2. Jabulani Soccer Ball

After four years Adidas came up with a new 8-panel football. This football was made by Adidas for the 2010 FIFA world cup. Polythene material is improved in this Jabulani soccer ball.

3.Barazuca Soccer Ball 

In 2014 barazuca soccer ball was introduced by Adidas for  2014 WorldCup which was held in Brazil. Compared to its predecessor (the Jabulani), the Brazuca ball had only six polyurethane thermally bonded panels.

Rules About Ball After Formation of First Association of Football 

During the 1863 English Football Association meeting, the laws of the game were made. In the first set of rules, no description of the ball was provided.  In 1872, after the revision of rules.

It was agreed that the ball “must be spherical and have a circumference of 27 to 28 inches.” Ball remained the same until 1937. In 1937 only the weight of the ball increased from 13-15 oz to 14-16 oz.  

First encyclopedia of the football association was published in 1956 in England. in Which they stated that “According to the Laws of Football, the ball must be spherical with an outer casing of leather or other approved materials. 

The circumference shall not be more than 28 in., nor less than 27 in, while the weight at the start of the game must not be more than 16 oz., nor less than 14 oz.” 

FAQs Who Invented Soccer Ball?

Q.Who invented the football ball?

ANS. The soccer ball was Invented by Charles Goodyear in 1855, the modern soccer ball has become a staple of international sports.

Q.Why soccer balls are black and white?

This design was first used in the 1970 World Cup so that black-and-white television viewers could clearly see the ball’s spin direction.

Q.How long does a soccer ball last?

A soccer ball’s performance will be heavily influenced by its user. When used properly (on grass), it should last you a few years (2-3).


So who invented soccer ball? In short, we can say that the soccer ball was first invented in 1855 by Charles Goodyear. Mainly Charles Goodyear is the inventor of the modern-era soccer ball. 

Despite this, brands, players, coaches, and fans demand better and improved technology for the sport and its gear all over the world.

That’s why with the passage of time there will be more changes happening in soccer balls from time to time. 

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