First Touch in Soccer (Improve Your First Touch Tips) 2023

First touch in soccer is the ability to control and take possession of a soccer ball. Keep the ball close to protect from the opposition. Success and failure of the player on the soccer field are directly related to the first touch in soccer. First touch in soccer can increase the player’s ability to maintain possession of the ball and improve speed.

First touch allows them to be more efficient, have remarkable careers, and win games. It can be mind-blowing if you are new to soccer. How can just the first touch turn the table? Let’s check the answers to all your curious questions.

Benefits of Good “First Touch in Soccer”:

first touch in soccer

As we all know, soccer is a game of highly technical skills and concentration. As time passes game becomes better and fast. It requires high speed and more stamina. In this regard, the first touch on the ball can decide your match on the field.

Good first touch is a plus point in your game and makes the ball do what you want. By having good first touch you will make fewer flaws and become better under pressure situations.

It increases your vision when you know where the ball is going. It also helps to rid of tight situations and take a good lead in a match. The less time you take to do something, the more advantage you will take from it.

Drawbacks of Bad “First Touch in Soccer”:

What if a player does not have sufficient good skills in the first touch? For sure, he will face problems on the field. When a ball comes to the player, he looks more at the ball to think about what to do. He becomes under pressure which can affect the game and cost disappointment in the match.

It can increase turnover and decrease the possession of a ball. Similarly, it can damage your confidence, which causes big upsets. Most of the players suffer due to their bad first touch. It can hurt their careers and face problems in the field. So to be number one,  you need too good at your first touch.

The “First Touch in Soccer” Controls the Ball:

Typically when it comes to controlling a ball, you can go with one of three ways after taking control of a ball:

  1. You can be a shield between the ball and the opponent by putting your body between both of these.
  2. You can pass or shoot the ball to your teammate. 
  3. Lastly, you can dribble the ball if none of your teammates is in a position to take a pass.

These things you can do will depend on how good your first touch is while receiving the ball and making it harder for your opponent to retrieve the game.

The first touch in soccer predicts the moves in the game:

  1. The direction in you can pass the ball.
  2. How long the ball stays with you?
  3. The direction of the ball after your touch.
  4. Your quickness with the ball while moving it away from the opponent.
  5. How much is it difficult or easy for your opponent to take a ball away from you?

How To Improve First Touch in Soccer

Assuming you are not good enough with your “the first touch” and face troubles in the field nothing to worry it. You can make your first touch skills at the top like Andres Iniesta, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Dimitar Berbatov, Juan Mata, Ronaldinho, and many other good players.

To be good at your first touch, you must have to learn soccer ball control drills. when a ball comes to you, make sure you judge where it falls. Use your feet, chest, and head to take control of the ball. You have to prepare and always be ready regardless of how and from where the ball is coming. 

Drills To Improve First Touch In Soccer

I’ve put together a list of 6 tips and a few drills players can use to improve their first touch of the ball.


  1. Stay on your toes.
  2. Think ahead.
  3. Get behind the ball.
  4. Focus on the ball.
  5. Play the ball into space.

First Touch in Soccer Drills

  1. Box drill.
  2. Move and Pass drills.
  3. Pass between the cones drill.

Remember, the first touch is not a skill that can learn within a day or without practice. Indeed to be good at anything, you must practice and think about it. Lastly, by coupling these, you can be a master.

Similarly, with the first touch, practice it daily, following the right path. Proper planning like where is the best place to go with your first touch. Knowing your proper foot and how your body turns? For sure after all these, you can be a master of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How to have a good first touch in soccer?

Make sure the ball is close to you so that the opposition cannot get to it. Keeping the ball in your control quickly and efficiently will give you more time before pressure occurs. Take advantage of the space by moving in the direction you wish to go.

Q.How to improve first touch in soccer?

Soccer Tips to Improve Your First Touch
1. It’s all about practice.
2. Make a decision as to how and where the ball will be controlled. 
3. Make sure both of your feet are in good shape.
4. Keep your focus and pay attention to your footwork.
5. Take the time to understand the game. 
6. Use open spaces to your advantage.
7. You can improve your conditioning by exercising.
8. Strengthen yourself.

Q.Why first touch is so important?

When a player focuses on their first touch, they will be better able to maintain possession, play faster, and be more successful.


Finally, modern soccer is playing with immense speed and technical skills. Most players become confused during the match in making the right decisions. At each point, the player expects to make an accurate decision and use the best available opportunity.

Having good first touch can significantly increase the chance of winning the game. You can determine what next can happen in the game and have better possession of the ball. Despite that, a player with bad first touch can face many difficulties on the field. You should focus on having good first touch to make great days for you and your team.

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