Top 10 Soccer Players With Jersey Number 4 Rankings 2024

The jersey number 4 holds immense popularity among renowned soccer players. As we have seen many of them choosing to don this iconic number.

This preference arises from the fact that the number 4 is commonly associated with center-backs or defensive midfielders. These pivotal positions are those which greatly contribute to a team’s defensive formation and overall defensive prowess.

Sergio Ramos takes the top spot on the list, showcasing his talent and influence while wearing the number four jersey. Following him, the ranking includes notable players such as Phil Jones and Kalvin Phillips. Lastly, Marquinhos completes the list, demonstrating his skill and contribution while donning the number four jersey during the specified period.

Now, let’s explore the top ten players who proudly sported the number four jersey during the 2022/23 season on a global scale.

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List Of Top 10 Soccer Players With Number 4

S. NoNameClubPosition
10MarquinhosParis Saint-GermainDefender
9Ronald AraujoBarcelonaDefender
8Ismael BennacerAC MilanMidfielder
7Phil JonesManchester UnitedDefender
6Matthijs de LigtBayern MunichDefender
5Ben WhiteArsenalDefender
4Kalvin PhillipsManchester CityMidfielder
3David AlabaReal MadridDefender
2Virgil van DijkLiverpoolDefender
1Sergio RamosPSGDefender

10. Marquinhos (Brazil)

soccer players with number 4

Despite Marquinhos typically wearing the number 5 jersey for Paris Saint-Germain. He has been consistently associated with the number 4 jersey while representing the Brazilian national team for a significant period of over five years.

Marquinhos currently holds a prominent position as one of the finest football players in Brazil. Particularly excelling as a top defender in the competitive French Ligue 1.

His international career boasts an impressive record of 71 appearances for the Brazilian national team, with a notable contribution of 5 goals.

9. Ronald Araujo (Barcelona)

Ronald Araujo (Barcelona)

Barcelona’s number four jersey is proudly worn by Ronald Araujo. A talented Uruguayan defender who successfully progressed from the club’s youth team to the senior squad.

Since making his debut for the senior team in 2019, Araujo has accumulated an impressive tally of 66 appearances for the Blaugrana. Additionally, he has represented his national team in a handful of matches, with 12 appearances to his name. It is his aspiration to be selected for the national team’s roster in the upcoming World Cup.

Having firmly established himself as one of the premier defenders in La Liga. Ronald Araujo undeniably ranks among the elite soccer players who proudly don the number four jersey.

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8. Ismael Bennacer (AC Milan)

soccer players with number 4

AC Milan’s number four shirt holds immense significance and has been associated with iconic players such as Clarence Seedorf and Demetrio Albertini. Algerian defender Ismail Bennacer proudly wears this renowned jersey for AC Milan.

Bennacer, is known for his tenacity, aggression, and remarkable abilities as a box-to-box midfielder. Played a pivotal role in AC Milan’s triumphant Serie A campaign in 2022. His hard work and skill were instrumental in the team’s success.

7. Phil Jones (Manchester United)

soccer players with number 4

In the realm of football, Phil Jones stands out as a player with a unique presence. While some may question his place among the top number 4 jersey wearers. It cannot be denied that the number 4 is synonymous with him during his tenure at Manchester United.

Yet, it is not his accolades or statistics that distinguish him. But rather his internet fame has taken on a life of its own. The comical facial expressions he makes during matches have transcended the football pitch. Becoming a phenomenon across the internet and earning him an iconic status in the meme world.

Thus, even in the world of number 4 players, Phil Jones stands as an extraordinary and memorable figure. 

6. Matthijs de Ligt (Bayern Munich)

soccer players with number 4

Matthijs de Ligt’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting from his days at Ajax in the Netherlands and progressing to Juventus in Italy. Eventually finding his way to Bayern Munich.

Throughout his journey, the defender has been a consistent title winner, showcasing his exceptional talent and skills on the field. Now, in his first season at Bayern Munich. He sets his sights on adding the coveted German Bundesliga title to his list of achievements.

As a player, de Ligt is renowned for his defensive prowess. His abilities in making crucial tackles, and playing with finesse from the back. Moreover, dominating aerial duels make him a formidable presence on the pitch.

When he made the move to Bayern Munich in 2022. He chose to wear the number 4. We can say that this signifies his dedication to his new club. Moreover, this also potentially emulates the legacy of other great players associated with the iconic number 4.

5. Ben White (Arsenal)

soccer players with number 4

The acquisition of Ben White has undoubtedly proven to be one of Arsenal’s most impressive signings in recent times. Following his move from Brighton.

While he faced some initial challenges with injury. White has consistently delivered outstanding performances, never failing to impress the Gunners with his skills on the field.

His transfer fee of around 50 million pounds is viewed as an incredible steal, given his exceptional talent and potential. As a result, he has become a strong contender for a spot in the England national team for the upcoming World Cup.

In the highly competitive Premier League, White has solidified his position as one of the league’s premier defenders. He gained recognition for his remarkable abilities and contributions to the game.

4. Kalvin Phillips (Manchester City)

soccer player with number 4

Kalvin Phillips is on the number 4 because of his rareness among the players who wear the number 4 jersey. The rareness is because he is not a defender nor a defensive-minded player.

Initially, he was with Leeds United, and then he was the centre of attention for Manchester City and their manager, Pep Guardiola.

His standout performances are so good that he earned a place in the England national team. 

Despite not being in a typical defensive role, Kalvin Phillips has demonstrated his exceptional abilities and soccer acumen. This made him a valuable asset both for his club and his country on the international stage.

3. David Alaba (Real Madrid)

soccer players with number 4

David Alaba is an Austrian defender, he is quite famous and the most talked about player wearing the number 4 jersey globally. He has a remarkable career that has seen him shine for both Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

During his time at Bayern Munich, Alaba achieved an impressive array of accomplishments, securing multiple Bundesliga titles and numerous other honours. His success continued after making the move to Real Madrid. He played a crucial role in their La Liga and UEFA Champions League double triumph during the previous season.

He primarily played as a left-back during his tenure with Bayern Munich. Alaba has adapted his game to excel as a left-centre back at Real Madrid. Despite the positional change, he has consistently displayed his exceptional talent and skill. 

David Alaba’s versatility, along with his remarkable trophy haul and consistent performances. This cements his legacy as a truly exceptional number 4 player in the world of football.

2. Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool)

soccer players with number 4

Virgil van Dijk rose to prominence when he was at  Celtic in Scotland. Afterwards he was recognized by the Premier League club Southampton.

Liverpool secured his services for a hefty fee of £75 million, a move that proved to be a game-changer. With the Reds, van Dijk achieved tremendous success, winning both the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League.

Not only has he been an instrumental force at the club level. Van Dijk has shown many commendable performances internationally. Along with this when he was representing the Netherlands national team, he led the Oranje to the semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League

Virgil van Dijk has some really exceptional performances and leadership skills. These capabilities have firmly established him as one of the finest defenders in the world. His influence has been seen on both club and international levels.

1. Sergio Ramos (PSG)

soccer players with number 4

Sergio Ramos is undoubtedly one of the greatest defenders in soccer history and he has worn the number 4 jersey. This is the reason for him being on the number 1 of our list. 

Individually, his exceptional qualities shine through, including defensive prowess and leadership on the field. He is known for excelling on both club and international levels, especially because of his on field capabilities.

The defender’s achievements are truly remarkable, as he has secured virtually every accolade available to a player. From numerous club honors to international triumphs, his list of laurels is awe-inspiring.

Having donned the number 4 jersey for Real Madrid for a considerable period. Ramos made a transition to PSG, where he continues to proudly wear the same iconic number in France.

Conclusion Soccer Players With Number 4

In conclusion, the number 4 jersey holds a special significance in the world of soccer. Players who don this iconic number often embody defensive prowess, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. 

From legendary figures like Franz Beckenbauer to modern-day stars like Sergio Ramos and Matthijs de Ligt. In the world of soccer, the greatest defenders wore the number 4 jersey. Moreover they have left a great mark in the legacy of the soccer world.

Each player’s unique journey, contributions, and individual qualities have added to the allure of this revered jersey. 

As the beautiful game continues to evolve, soccer players with number 4 will undoubtedly continue to inspire and captivate fans worldwide.

That’s a wrap for this article. We hope that you found this numbered list useful. 

FAQs Soccer Players With Jersey Number 4

What does number 4 mean in soccer?

In soccer, the number 4 typically refers to the position of a central defender on the field. Central defenders play a crucial role in the team’s defense and are responsible for marking and stopping opposing forwards from scoring. They usually wear the number 4 jersey.

Can you play soccer with 4 people?

Yes, soccer can be played with 4 people, though it is typically a small-sided or mini version of the game. This format is often known as “4-a-side” or “4v4” soccer, where each team has four players on the field. It is a fun and fast-paced way to enjoy the sport with fewer players.

What does Division 4 mean in soccer?

In soccer, “Division 4” refers to the fourth tier or level of the league system within a country’s football pyramid. It is usually a lower-tier league, with teams competing at a level below the top professional leagues and often serving as a pathway for clubs aspiring to reach higher divisions.

How do you play soccer 4?

Playing soccer 4, also known as “4-a-side” or “4v4,” involves two teams with four players each. The game is played on a smaller field compared to regular soccer, often without goalkeepers. The objective is to score goals by getting the ball into the opposing team’s net using any part of the body except the hands and arms.

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