Top 10 Soccer Players With Jersey Number 1 Rankings 2024

The number one jersey is commonly allocated to goalkeepers, serving as a distinctive symbol of their specialized position in soccer.

Goalkeepers play a crucial role as the foremost line of defense and hold a prominent position in the team’s lineup. Unlike their teammates, they enjoy the privilege of using their entire body. This includes their hands, within the confined boundaries of the 18-yard box.

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In the following list, we present some of the most exceptional goalkeepers, ranging from Alisson Becker to Jordan Pickford. This compilation has been carefully crafted to provide you with a convenient overview.

Now, let’s take a moment to delve into the realm of extraordinary goalkeepers. Especially those who have rightfully earned the honour of wearing the number 1 jersey through their remarkable performances.

List of Soccer Players With Jersey Number 1

S.NoPlayer NameClubPosition
10Jordan PickfordEvertonGoalkeeper
9Manuel NeuerBayern MunichGoalkeeper
8Jan OblakAtletico MadridGoalkeeper
7Marc Andre ter StegenFC BarcelonaGoalkeeper
6Aaron RamsdaleArsenalGoalkeeper
5David De GeaManchester UnitedGoalkeeper
4Thibaut CourtoisReal MadridGoalkeeper
3Kepa ArrizabalagaChelseaGoalkeeper
2Hugo LlorisTottenham HotspurGoalkeeper
1Alisson BeckerLiverpoolGoalkeeper

10. Jordan Pickford

soccer players with number 1

Jordan Pickford played a crucial role in ensuring Everton’s status as a Premier League club. He and Richarlison were the only consistently performing players throughout the entire previous season.

Pickford made numerous game-winning saves, often having to compensate for a defense that lacked quality.

Furthermore, he holds the distinction of being England’s preferred goalkeeper for the World Cup.

Both for England and Everton, Jordan Pickford proudly dons the number 1 jersey, signifying his position as the team’s primary goalkeeper.

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9. Manuel Neuer

soccer players with number 1

Manuel Neuer is known to be one of the greatest goalkeepers in soccer history. Neuer has maintained an unshakable position as Bayern Munich’s number 1 for numerous seasons.

Neuer possesses exceptional skills not only with his hands but also with his feet, making him an asset to his team’s defense. Often, he actively participates as a fifth defender, assuming the role of a sweeper goalkeeper, and remains highly vigilant to potential threats.

Within the realm of football, Neuer is recognized as one of the finest sweeper keepers in the game.

Furthermore, as a member of the German national team, Neuer achieved the pinnacle of success by winning the World Cup in 2014.

Both for Bayern Munich and Germany, Manuel Neuer proudly wears the number 1 jersey. Signifying his status as the primary goalkeeper for these renowned teams.

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8. Jan Oblak 

soccer players with number 1

Jan Oblak, often labelled as the most underrated goalkeeper globally, showcases his exceptional skills while representing Atletico Madrid. When he is in top form, he becomes an unstoppable force.

Oblak played a pivotal role in recent seasons, contributing to Atletico Madrid’s triumph in La Liga. Along with this, he contributed to their progress to the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League.

While representing Slovenia, Oblak proudly wears the number 1 shirt, symbolizing his position as the primary goalkeeper for the national team. However, when playing for Atletico Madrid, he opted for the number 13 jersey.

7. Marc Andre Ter Stegen 

soccer players with number 1

Germany consistently boasts a wealth of top-quality goalkeepers. Manuel Neuer dominates the goalkeeping position at Bayern Munich. Andre Ter Stegen, who serves as his deputy for the national team, reigns as the undisputed number one at Camp Nou.

Ter Stegen is widely regarded as one of the finest ball-playing goalkeepers globally and has showcased remarkable form throughout the current season.

Since he arrived at FC Barcelona, Marc Andre ter Stegen has consistently worn the number 1 jersey. This has helped him solidify his position as the team’s primary goalkeeper.

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6. Aaron Ramsdale

soccer players with number 1

In the realm of soccer, the majority of players wear the number 1 jersey. They wear it for their respective club teams rather than their national teams. However, there are exceptions like Aaron Ramsdale.

England has been fortunate to have a pool of talented goalkeepers. It is remarkable to witness how quickly Aaron Ramsdale has emerged. He is a strong contender to challenge Jordan Pickford for the coveted number-one position in the national team.

Finally, at Arsenal, Ramsdale proudly dons the number one jersey on his back. He faced stiff competition from German goalkeeper Bernd Leno. Afterwards, he ultimately earned the status of being the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper for the team.

5. David De Gea

David De Gea

The exclusion of David de Gea from Luis Enrique’s 55-man professional list created a significant uproar. Highlighting the high regard in which he is held as one of the world’s finest goalkeepers.

Despite this, David de Gea remains one of the top goalkeepers in the Premier League.

Some consider his weakness to be his lack of comfort and proficiency in playing with the ball at his feet. De Gea compensates with his exceptional shot-stopping abilities.

At Manchester United, the Spanish goalkeeper proudly wears the number 1 shirt, signifying his role as the team’s primary goalkeeper.

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4. Thibaut Courtois

soccer players with number 1

Thibaut Courtois achieved remarkable success last season, winning both La Liga and the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid. While these triumphs occurred months ago, his outstanding performance on a particular night in Paris remains unforgettable.

Courtois is widely acknowledged as the premier football player who currently wears the number 1 jersey.

His goalkeeping prowess was instrumental in Real Madrid’s title victory. Especially in the face of an impressive attacking display by Liverpool. Moreover, this left many astonished that the Reds couldn’t find a breakthrough.

Courtois has also started the current season in fine form, despite having to contend with injuries.

For both the Belgian national team and Real Madrid. The talented goalkeeper proudly wears the number 1 shirt, representing his status as the primary goalkeeper for these esteemed teams.

3. Kepa Arizzabalaga

Kepa Arizzabalaga

At the start of the season, Kepa Arrizabalaga was not the first-choice goalkeeper at Stamford Bridge, despite wearing the number one jersey. However, midway through the season, he managed to claim the starting position ahead of Eduoard Mendy.

Kepa Arrizabalaga holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the history of football. Unfortunately, he has made some costly mistakes for Chelsea in recent Premier League matches.

Moreover, his performances have still earned him recognition. As he has been selected as one of the five goalkeepers in Spain’s World Cup provisional list.

2. Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris, Tottenham Hotspur’s longstanding and uncontested number one goalkeeper. He earns his place on this list based on his performances, even at the age of 36.

Lloris has been a tremendous asset for the North London club. He achieved a significant milestone four years ago by winning the FIFA World Cup with the French national team. He is expected to maintain his role as the number one goalkeeper for France heading into the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Furthermore, Hugo Lloris proudly wears the number 1 shirt both for the French national team and Tottenham Hotspur. He represented his status as the primary goalkeeper for these esteemed teams.

1. Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker

If you believed that Brazil’s selection dilemma for coach Tite was limited to outfield players, you would be mistaken. The country is blessed with an abundance of options in every position.

Despite having two goalkeepers who are considered number one in the Premier League with Liverpool and Manchester City. It is Alisson Becker, the goalkeeper for Liverpool, who claims the top spot for the Brazilian national team.

Alisson is renowned for his quick reflexes, agility, and adeptness in playing the ball with his feet. He proudly wears the number 1 jersey for both Liverpool and the Brazilian national team. Moreover, he signifies his role as the first-choice goalkeeper for these prestigious teams.

Conclusion Soccer Players With Number 1

In conclusion, the number one jersey in soccer holds a special significance as it represents the goalkeepers. They are the first line of defense for their teams. 

Throughout the article, we have explored a diverse range of exceptional goalkeepers. Those who have earned the honour of wearing the number 1 jersey. 

From the likes of Jordan Pickford, Manuel Neuer, and Jan Oblak to Marc Andre ter Stegen, Aaron Ramsdale, and David De Gea, these goalkeepers showcase remarkable skills and contribute significantly to their clubs and national teams.

Their performances, shot-stopping abilities, and commanding presence in the goal make them vital assets to their teams. 

As the custodians of the net. These soccer players with number 1 exemplify the dedication, skill, and importance of the goalkeeper position in the beautiful game of soccer.

FAQs Soccer Players With Number 1

Can strikers wear No 1 in soccer? 

No, strikers typically do not wear the number 1 jersey in soccer. The number 1 jersey is traditionally reserved for goalkeepers, while strikers often wear numbers associated with their position, such as 9 or 10.

Who wears the number 1 jersey in soccer?

In soccer, the number 1 jersey is typically worn by goalkeepers. It is a traditional and common practice for goalkeepers to wear this number as a way to distinguish them from outfield players on the field.

Can a player change their jersey number during their career?

Yes, players can change their jersey number during their soccer career, but it is subject to league and team regulations. They may need to seek approval and follow specific guidelines before making the switch.

How do soccer players get their jersey numbers?

Soccer players typically get their jersey numbers through a combination of player preference, team traditions, and positional significance. The numbers are often assigned by the team or may be chosen by the players themselves based on availability and personal reasons.

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