Tips for Coaching Youth Soccer

It takes a lot of energy to be a successful youth soccer coach. It’s the most crucial aspect of you.

If you’re an enthusiastic, diligent leader, kids will follow you. Some youngsters find learning boring, some don’t worry about results, and some can’t keep track of which goal they’re kicking toward. But their shared urge to have fun and engage in a game brings them together.

If you are a youth soccer coach, you must follow these tips to improve your players’ skills.

  1. Develop a Team
  2. Think First
  3. Praise Not Criticize
  4. Get the Knowledge
  5. Warm-up Drills and Warm-down Drills Are Valuable
  6. Session Plannings
  7. Make Practice Fun
  8. Training Individuals
  9. Mind Tricks
  10. Successful Coaches Habits

let’s discuss each of the above mention tips separately for better understanding.

Develop a Team

As a youth soccer coach, your priority should be team development rather than winning a game and putting extra pressure on the team and players. Similarly, one of the traits of a successful team and coach is that they focus on team development.

Think First

Consider your motivations for wanting to be a youth soccer coach, likewise, your goals. Gain trust and confidence. The kids will comply if you establish high expectations for the drills. Make your drill exciting, energetic, and passionate.

You should be the role model for your team with responsibilities. Make a complete roadmap and share it with your team. Above all, motivate them to achieve their goals.

Praise Not Criticize:

Despite criticizing, the successful youth soccer coach shows patience, support, praise, acknowledgement, and cheer. Shouting won’t help you maintain control. Besides, parents might not appreciate it. The importance of body language. Positive attitudes and smiles are contagious.

Get the Knowledge

As a youth soccer coach, you can deliver better if you know what you are passing. In the same way, you should be aware of the skills and techniques you are trying to teach. Try out soccer drills yourself, and check their difficulty level.  Better than using words is showing how skills and drills operate. Use one of your helpers who can perform if you cannot do so.

Warm-up Drills and Warm-down Drills Are Valuable

In addition, the youth soccer coach ensures the needs of growing bodies must be met. A basic understanding of how the body reacts to exercise and how to avoid injuries is crucial. Before and following soccer practice, make sure kids stretch their muscles.

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Session Plannings

youth soccer coach
Coach doing session planning.

One of the traits of successful youth soccer coaches is they make roadmaps for their teams. Planning a session will save time and energy. Primarily, discuss with your team and take their valuable suggestion.

Make Practice Fun

If your team waits for practice, you are on your way to being a good youth soccer coach. Appreciate your players. It motivates others to put their best. Using these small tips, you can make practice fun for your team.

Training Individuals

It doesn’t matter whether a child takes longer than another; you have to adjust to their pace. But it doesn’t imply they are less competent. Ensure you possess the equipment and a kit for the entire team. Make certain games less competitive and have fun in training.

Mind Tricks

Instill self-confidence in people and teams, create objectives, manage emotions, and aid in concentration in your kids. If you are a Youth soccer coach, you are responsible for your players’ mental and physical abilities.

Successful Coaches Habits

More than any other sport, soccer is a psychological and social game. You have players with excellent skills and tactical knowledge to get the most out of them. Be sure they are at ease and enjoy playing soccer. Take Manchester United’s move from Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a notable case. Same players but with a positive shift in players’ psychology and how they are transforming in the field.


What makes a good soccer coach?

These traits make a good youth soccer coach.

  1. Be Professional
  2. Be a Good Teacher
  3. Be Friendly but also know when to be stern and demanding
  4. Always listen to your players
  5. Good Communicator
  6. Development
  7. Team Motivator
  8. Ensure to be Adequately Prepared
  9. Be the perfect example for your players
  10. Lastly, provide a perfect environment for everyone in the team

How do you coach a 7-year-old soccer player?

Coaching 7 year old might be a little trickier and time taking. You can teach a 7 year old players by keeping these fundamentals in mind.

  • Focus on fun
  • Give 7 year old players a supportive environment.
  • Make drills fun, not a task, so that players can enjoy
  • Keep on appreciating them
  • Teach them drills like slowly like, dribbling and passing
  • Play mobile soccer games with them

What are the most common mistakes youth football coaches make?

We all make mistakes as humans, and coaches are no different. But these are the most common mistakes youth soccer coaches make.

  • Recruiting players for certain positions on the team
  • During practice, talking too much is a problem
  • Demotivating players by not appreciating them
  • It does not communicate updated practice schedules properly.
  • No written plans for players in training sessions


Summing up, these are the few traits of good youth soccer coaches. Make sure that you and your players are happy with your job. You should be a friend to players. Youth soccer coach in is not an easy task, but it is enjoyable.

Look at your team as you are building future superstars. Your positive attitude will make you a great youth soccer coach.

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