Do Soccer Players Wear Cups (Jockstraps) Or Not! Shocking Truth

There is a wide variety of soccer equipment available. Cups are commonly used in many sports for the purpose of safety. Most soccer players and fans are curious whether professional soccer players wear cups or not.  

The answer is NO; most professional soccer players don’t wear cups during a game, except for goalies. During youth soccer games, players sometimes wear cups as protection.

According to the rules, you can wear an athletic cup during a soccer game. But it is completely up to a player whether he or she wants to wear a cup or not.

In addition to its advantages, wearing a cup also has disadvantages. Despite this, I would like to explain what protective cups are and why they are used.

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What Protective Cups Are & Why They Are Used

The groin area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. As far as the eyes are concerned, they come closest.

Various names are given to protective cups, including jockstraps, athletic cups, groin guards, and supporters. An underwear cup is composed of a waistband fastened to a cup or pouch enclosing the genitalia snugly.

Any activity that increases your chances of being hit on your private parts makes sense to protect them.

In soccer, protective cups aren’t that popular. The problem is not that they do not provide protection. Due to their ability to restrict movement, soccer cups don’t wear by professional soccer players.

There are many sports in which protective cups are used by professional players, such as American football, hockey, handball, MMA, and other contact sports.

Chances of Groin Injuries in Soccer

You can suffer a groin injury when your foot hits the ball with too much force while kicking, which can be extremely painful. Historically, these types of injuries have occurred occasionally, but they are becoming more frequent now.

An opposing player kicking your groin area during a tackle would cause a more obvious injury. But there is very less chance of it.

Now come back to the main topic if there is a chance of groin injury during the game. Then why do soccer players not wear cups?

Why Do Soccer Players not Wear Cups?

do soccer players wear cups

In sports that involve a lot of running, wearing a cup for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable and irritating.

They don’t believe the benefits of wearing one outweigh the risks of not wearing one, which is why professional soccer players choose not to wear cups.

In addition to considering what offers the maximum protection, professional soccer players should also consider how the equipment will affect their movement and mobility during the game.

These are the reasons why soccer players don’t prefer to wear soccer cups. But players in some positions wear cups, like professional soccer goalies who prefer to wear cups.

Do Soccer Goalies Wear Cups Jockstraps?

It is common for soccer goalies to wear cups during training sessions and games because this is the area where they are most likely to sustain injuries.

To defend their goal, a goalkeeper often spreads out to stop the ball by putting their body on the line.

Furthermore, goalies are more likely to be hit by the ball or another player when the ball originates from an opponent’s attempt at a goal.

Are Cups Worn by Youth Soccer Players?

Male youth soccer players may wear a cup to protect them during collisions with soccer balls because youth players have a lower tolerance for pain associated with these impacts. The use of cups is rare among female youth soccer players, however. Youth soccer coaches recommend players to wear cups (jockstraps).

Nevertheless, I have never seen or heard of a youth player getting a long-term injury during a soccer game in this area.

In addition, there is a significant risk of temporary pain when the ball or another player contacts you.

This pain is unbearable for most male soccer players, and wearing a cup during the game may ease their minds (and those of their parents). Ultimately, it’s up to the player and their responsible adult to decide whether to wear a cup or not.

Your mind might get tricked after all the above discussion about whether cups are necessary or not. 

Youth soccer players playing soccer

Does it make sense to wear a cup?

It would be ideal if you wore one. You’re protecting your most sensitive areas — if you will — so why not protect them?

Nonetheless, the risks are not that high. Soccer involves getting hit in the groin area, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s quite rare.

Your opponent is unlikely to poke you in the eye. There is a risk involved, but players will not wear eye covers during play simply because we’ve seen it happen. Protective cups work the same way.

But before making a decision, you should keep a few things in mind.

  1. As a first step, consider the player’s age and the risks he or she may face.
  2. Comfort is an important factor to consider.
  3. How it affects a player’s ability to move should also be considered.
  4. Is wearing cups irritating to the player?

The points above should be taken into consideration. If you want to protect your private parts but don’t want to wear cups, are there some alternatives you can choose from?

Bonus: Why do Soccer Players Wear Bras

Can Cups be Replaced With Comfortable Alternatives?

There is no alternative product to protective cups are available in the market. However, you can make one comfortable alternative at home.

To make a comfortable alternative, you can cut out some foam or something and use that instead of a cup. There is no better material for this purpose than yoga mat foam.


Do girls need cups for football?

The cup in football is not required to be worn by a female player; it is just an optional item of equipment that she can use.

Why are athletic cups so uncomfortable?

Traditionally, cups are shaped like a ‘V.’ Your private parts are pressed under this v-shaped cup. When worn on the field, this restricts the athlete’s movement and is very uncomfortable.

What are athletic cups made of?

Cups usually contain a steel shield and are made of polymers or carbon fibers.

Final Thoughts, Do Soccer Players Wear Cups?

After all the discussion, in my opinion, I will say that if you are concerned about your safety and you feel comfortable with cups. Then you must use them for safety.

Compression shorts are usually worn under soccer shorts by professional soccer players. Short compression shorts provide comfort for soccer players by keeping the upper parts of the legs warm.

Ultimately, I would say there are no specific rules about cups. It’s all up to the player whether they are comfortable wearing cups.

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