How Much Does A Turf Soccer Field Cost? Shocking Truth

Constructing a soccer field proves to be a costly and time-intensive venture. The expenses are subject to fluctuation based on the grass type and geographical location.

Synthetic or artificial turf represents the prevailing choice for not just soccer fields but also for hockey, lacrosse, baseball, and football fields. This article extensively explores the expenses involved in building both artificial turf and natural grass fields.

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If you have intentions of establishing a soccer field within your institution or community. Be sure to thoroughly read this guide until its conclusion.

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Cost To Build A Soccer Field

Building a sports field may seem like a distant aspiration, but it’s not as daunting as it initially appears.

The initial step entails gaining a comprehensive understanding of the available choices. This enables you to proceed by selecting the grass type that aligns best with your requirements and budget.

The focus of this article is specifically on soccer fields, and the construction expenses may differ for other sport fields. The total cost is categorized as follows:

1. Location

2. Field size

3. Construction schedule

4. Labor costs

5. Irrigation system

6. Amount of site work necessary

By considering these aspects carefully, you can embark on the journey of constructing your sports field with confidence and a well-informed approach.

Cost For Artificial Turf Soccer Field

The initial expense of artificial grass surpasses that of natural grass. But it proves to be a cost-effective investment in the long term. For artificial turf the cost typically ranges from 6 to 10.25 US dollars per square foot.

This overall cost encompasses various elements such as infill materials, irrigation, drainage, labor expenses, carpet, installation, base layer materials, and field excavation.

To proceed with an artificial turf project for a full-sized football or soccer field. It is advisable to allocate a conservative estimate of 8 US dollars per square foot.

Artificial grass offers a smooth, resilient, and even playing surface. The installation process may extend up to 3 months from initiation to completion.

It is worth noting that modern artificial turfs successfully replicate most of the qualities of natural grass. Rendering them suitable for use across all levels of sporting activities.

how much does a soccer field cost

Pros And Cons Of Artificial Turf Soccer Field

In soccer, two vital aspects that players require on a field are consistency and player safety. A properly maintained modern artificial turf field provides a soft surface, significantly reducing the risk of injuries among soccer players.

One noteworthy difference between soccer fields with artificial turf and those with natural grass is the temperature. Artificial turf fields generally tend to have higher temperatures compared to natural grass fields. However, this temperature variation is directly influenced by prevailing weather conditions.

In hot and sunny climates, synthetic turf fields can experience elevated temperatures. On average, the temperature of soccer fields with synthetic turf can range from 140 to 183 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cost For Natural Grass Soccer Field

When considering natural grass fields, you have various options to choose from, and below is a detailed breakdown of each type:

1. Natural grass field with a sand rootzone

This option, which provides the best quality, comes with a higher cost ranging from 5 to 8 US dollars per square foot.

2. Natural grass field construction with a sand cap:

Choosing this option will be relatively more budget-friendly, with costs ranging between 2.75 to 4 US dollars per square foot.

3. Native Soil Natural Grass Field: 

This option falls within the mid-range of costs, ranging from 1.5 to 3 US dollars per square foot.

4. In site Native Soil Natural grass field construction:  

If you decide to use the native soil from the site itself, this will be the most economical option, with costs ranging from 0.60 to 1.50 US dollars per square foot.

The mentioned cost breakdown encompasses all the necessary operations involved in constructing natural grass fields. This includes labor costs, installation process, rootzone type, and grading.

how much does a soccer field cost

Pros And Cons Of Natural Grass Soccer Field

One of the significant advantages of natural grass, especially in hot weather conditions, is its ability to function as a temperature reducer. This natural cooling effect allows players to run comfortably on the field even in scorching weather. The temperature of the natural grass field seldom exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a more pleasant playing experience.

However, it’s essential to consider the downside of natural grass, which is its higher maintenance costs compared to artificial turf. Natural grass fields require regular care and upkeep, including mowing, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and reseeding. This all can add up to higher expenses each year.

Maintenance Cost of Natural Grass vs Artificial Turf

Indeed, the entire soccer field experiences heavy usage compared to other athletic fields. This makes it subject to high maintenance costs regardless of whether it’s constructed with artificial turf or natural grass.

While synthetic fields generally require lower maintenance costs than natural turfgrass fields, they are not entirely maintenance-free. On average, an artificial soccer field can incur maintenance expenses ranging from 7,000 to 10,000 US dollars per year, along with 300 to 500 labour hours.

Estimation of the cost of a natural grass field annually is not straightforward. However, due to the higher materials costs involved. Cost can range to as low as 10,000 US dollars and can range up to 30,000 US dollars per year. 

Considering these figures, it becomes apparent that both types of fields entail significant maintenance expenses. The choice between them should consider the long-term costs and the level of use they will endure.

Other Constructions in A Soccer Field and their Costs

When budgeting for a natural grass or artificial turf project. It’s crucial to take into account all the factors involved in the construction and preparation of the pitch.

For instance, if you are considering replacing an existing artificial surface. You’ll need to assess how much of the materials can be reused. Multiple layers, including steel building and structural supports, gravel, and sand, are typically installed between the solid ground and the artificial turf.

For a new soccer field construction, the process begins with excavating the current ground. Then the addition of supporting layers after the grading process. The climate and soil quality in the area will also impact the overall budget.

In addition to the field itself, soccer fields must have sufficient space around the boundary lines to accommodate corner kicks, throw-in officials, substitutes, and players running off the field. Moreover, additional expenses for adequate lighting should be considered to ensure the entire playing surface is well-lit for night games.

Consider all these factors comprehensively. They will allow you to make a more accurate and informed budget allocation for your natural grass or artificial turf project.

Conclusion How Much Does A Soccer Field Cost?

In conclusion, the cost of building a soccer field depends on factors like turf type, size, location, and maintenance. Artificial turf requires higher upfront investment but lower maintenance, while natural grass has lower initial costs but higher yearly upkeep. 

Consider these factors carefully to make a well-informed decision for a lasting and enjoyable soccer field.

We hope that this article helped you understand all the expenses and costs of a soccer field. That’s a wrap for this article. 

FAQs How Much Does A Turf Soccer Field Cost

Can you make your own soccer field?

Yes you can make your own soccer field very easily. Transforming a ground or backyard into a soccer field is achievable with the correct materials, tools, and equipment. It’s possible to do without needing professional assistance, provided you understand the essential factors to consider

How many acres is a FIFA soccer field?

A FIFA standard soccer field is approximately 1.32 acres in size.

How much does it typically cost to build a soccer field?

Building a soccer field cost can vary based on factors like size, location, and materials. On average, a basic field might start around $100,000, while more advanced facilities with amenities can range from $500,000 to over a million dollars.

What factors influence the cost of a soccer field construction?

The cost of a soccer field is influenced by aspects such as field size, turf quality, lighting, drainage systems, fencing, and seating. Additionally, factors like soil conditions, local labor costs, and permits can impact the overall expenses.

Are there ongoing maintenance costs for soccer fields?

Yes, maintaining a soccer field involves ongoing expenses like mowing, irrigation, fertilization, and line marking. Annual maintenance costs can range from a few thousand dollars for small fields to tens of thousands for larger, professional-grade facilities.

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