When Did Lionel Messi Start Playing Soccer? History Till 2023

Lionel Messi is a name that is synonymous with soccer greatness. But most people don’t know When did Messi Start Playing Soccer? How he developed his skills and the journey that led him to become one of the greatest players of all time.

He has incredible talent, skill, and agility on the field. This has earned him a reputation as one of the greatest soccer players in history. However, few people know the full story of how Messi got started in soccer, and the challenges he faced along the way. 

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the early beginnings of Lionel Messi’s soccer career. Exploring when he first started playing soccer, the obstacles he faced. Finally, how he eventually rose to become a global icon in the world of soccer.

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Early Life of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi was born in Rosario, Argentina. His date of birth is June 24, 1987. His parents, Jorge Messi and Celia Cuccittini, were both factory workers, and Messi was the third of their four children. Messi grew up in a modest household, and his family struggled to make ends meet.

Despite their financial struggles, Messi’s parents were determined to provide their children with opportunities to pursue their passions. Messi’s love for soccer became evident at a young age, and his parents did everything they could to support his dreams. They enrolled him in a local soccer club, Grandoli, when he was just four years old.

Messi’s Early Years in Soccer

Messi’s first soccer coach, Salvador Aparicio, quickly recognized his natural talent on the field. Aparicio was amazed by Messi’s speed, agility, and ability to control the ball with both feet, despite his young age. He soon became Messi’s mentor, guiding him through the early stages of his soccer career.

At the age of six, Messi joined the Rosario club, where he quickly became the star player. He continued to play for the club for several years. Impressing coaches and fans alike with his skills and dedication to the sport.

However, Messi’s early years in soccer were not without challenges. When he was just eight years old, he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. A condition that stunted his growth and threatened to derail his soccer career before it had even begun. Messi’s family couldn’t afford the treatment of his condition as it was really expensive. 

Fortunately, Messi’s talent on the field did not go unnoticed. In 1994, when he was just seven years old, he caught the eye of a talent scout from FC Barcelona. The scout was so impressed with Messi’s skills that he offered to pay for his medical treatment. Then bring him to Spain to train with the Barcelona youth team.

Messi’s Teenage Era and Move to Barcelona

At the age of 13, Messi and his family made the difficult decision to move to Spain. This was for Messi, so that he could join the Barcelona youth academy. The move was challenging for Messi, who was homesick and struggled to adjust to life in a new country. However, he was determined to succeed and to make the most of the opportunity that had been given to him.

Messi quickly established himself as a standout player in the Barcelona youth academy. He impressed coaches and fellow players with his skill and dedication to the sport. He played for several years in the youth leagues, honing his skills and developing his signature style of play.

Messi made his debut for the Barcelona first team when he was 17, this was back in 2004. He quickly became a fan favorite, scoring his first goal for the team in a match against Albacete. Messi’s performance on the field was nothing short of spectacular. After this he quickly established himself as one of the most talented players in the world.

When did Messi Start Playing Soccer

Messi’s Rise to Global Stardom

Over the next several years, Messi continued to impress on the field. Earning accolades and recognition as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He won multiple awards and set numerous records, including the record for the most goals scored in a calendar year. Messi’s incredible talent and skill on the field earned him a legion of fans around the world. He quickly became a global superstar.

One of the key factors in Messi’s rise to global stardom was his performance in the UEFA Champions League. Messi helped lead Barcelona to victory in the tournament in 2009 and 2011, scoring crucial goals in both finals. He was also named the tournament’s best player in both years. This cemented his status as one of the greatest players in Champions League history.

Messi’s success on the field also helped to raise the profile of soccer in his home country of Argentina. He became a national hero, and his success inspired a new generation of soccer players in Argentina and around the world.

Brand Ambassador

Off the field, Messi also became a highly sought-after brand ambassador. He endorsed products and appeared in advertisements for companies such as Gillette, Pepsi, and Adidas. He also established the Leo Messi Foundation, which supports education and health initiatives for children around the world.

When did Messi Start Playing Soccer

Messi’s Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Messi has achieved countless milestones and accolades. He proved to be the greatest soccer player of all time. Some of his career highlights include:

  • Winning the Ballon d’Or (an award given to the best soccer player in the world) a record seven times, including four consecutive wins from 2009-2012.
  • Leading Barcelona to 10 La Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, and seven Copa del Rey titles.
  • Scoring over 600 goals for Barcelona, including more than 100 goals in the Champions League.
  • Setting the record for the most goals scored in a single season in Europe’s top five leagues, with 73 goals in the 2011-2012 season.
  • Winning the Golden Foot award in 2019, which recognizes the best player in the world over the age of 28.
  • Lionel Messi managed to score about 205 braces in soccer career.
  • Messi also scored 57 hat tricks in soccer career till now while playing from the side of Argentina and Barcelona club.

Despite all of his success, Messi has also faced his fair share of challenges and setbacks throughout his career. He has struggled with injuries and has faced criticism from fans and pundits alike for his performances in major international tournaments with the Argentine national team. However, Messi’s unwavering dedication to the sport, his incredible talent and skill on the field, and his humble demeanour off the field. This all has made him one of the most beloved and respected soccer players in history.

Number of Goals in Messi’s Career

Club/National TeamGoals Number of Matches
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)3171
Argentina National Team102174

Wrap Up on When Did Messi Start Playing Soccer?

Lionel Messi’s journey to becoming one of the greatest soccer players of all time began at a young age. When he first started playing soccer for a local club in Argentina. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, including a life-threatening medical condition. Moreover, despite the difficulties of adjusting to life in a new country, Messi never lost his passion for the sport.

Through hard work, dedication, and incredible talent, Messi rose to become a global icon in the world of soccer. He has won countless awards and accolades. Furthermore, he has inspired millions of people around the world with his skill and dedication to the sport.

As Messi’s career continues to evolve, there is no doubt that he will continue to inspire and amaze fans with his incredible talent on the field. Messi has proven time and time again that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We all believe that his legacy as one of the greatest soccer players in history will continue to inspire future generations of players for years to come.

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(FAQs) When Did Messi Start Playing Soccer?

At what age did Messi start playing soccer?

Lionel Messi started playing soccer when he was a child. He was just five years old when he began playing organized soccer with a local club called Grandoli in his hometown of Rosario, Argentina. Messi’s exceptional talent was soon noticed by his coaches, and by the time he was eight years old, he had joined the youth team of Newell’s Old Boys, another club in Rosario.

Why is Messi so good at soccer?

Messi is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time due to his exceptional natural talent, incredible speed and agility, exceptional dribbling ability, precise ball control, vision, and creativity on the field, and his dedication to constant improvement and hard work.

When did Messi start playing soccer professionally?  

Lionel Messi started playing soccer professionally at the age of 17 in 2004, when he made his debut for FC Barcelona’s first team in a friendly match against FC Porto. He made his official debut for Barcelona later that year in a league match against Espanyol.

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