Top 10 Famous Soccer Players With the Jersey Number 17

Research has shown that the number 17 is quite popular among attackers and midfielders. It serves as a close alternative to the coveted numbers 10 and 7. So, today the list contains soccer players with number 17. 

In situations where football players are unable to secure their preferred choices of numbers 10 or 7. Especially when they join a new team, they often settle for the number 17. 

Hence, it comes as no surprise that legendary players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Pele, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff have all donned the number 17 jersey at some point in their careers.

Below is a list of the football players who currently wear the number 17 shirt.

10Cristian RomeroTottenhamCenter-back
9Curtis JonesLiverpoolMidfielder
8Filip KostićJuventusMidfielder
7Cedric SoaresArsenalDefender
5FredManchester UnitedMidfielder
4Lucas VázquezReal MadridWinger
3Raheem SterlingChelseaForward
2Kevin De BruyneManchester CityMidfielder
1Sadio ManeBayern MunichForward

10. Cristian Romero (Tottenham)

soccer players with number 17

Cristian Romero represents the new wave of talented Argentine players in the national team. His achievements in the Copa America have been remarkable.

This year, Romero made a permanent move to Tottenham and has already participated in more than six matches.

As a center-back, Romero showcases intelligence on the field, along with exceptional tackling skills and a strong sense of positioning. His potential to emerge as one of the top central defenders globally is evident.

9. Curtis Jones (Liverpool)

soccer players with number 17

Since making his senior team debut in 2018, Curtis Jones has accumulated a total of 49 appearances for Liverpool.

Although the 21-year-old midfielder has represented various youth teams for England. He is yet to secure a spot in the senior national team. Nonetheless, he has already achieved success with Liverpool. He won prestigious titles such as the Premier League, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and the Community Shield.

8. Filip Kostić (Juventus)

soccer players with number 17

Filip Kostić stands out as an exhilarating Serbian player. He represented the national team at the highly anticipated 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The European team possesses a wealth of thrilling attacking talent. It is expected that this Juventus midfielder will play a key role in creating scoring opportunities for his team members. He is accompanied by great players like Dusan Tadić, Aleksandar Mitrović, and his club teammate Dusan Vlahović.

Kostić has showcased his skills in 21 appearances for the Serie A giants in both domestic and Champions League competitions. He tallied an impressive five assists and one goal.

Without a doubt, the Serbian player is currently among the world’s finest full-backs. Moreover, he is solidifying his position as a top talent in that role.

7. Cedric Soares (Arsenal)

Cedric Soares (Arsenal)

Cedric Soares has been associated with Arsenal since 2020 when he initially joined the Gunners on loan from Southampton. Prior to his time at Arsenal, the Portuguese international had been on loan to various clubs, including a stint at Inter Milan.

He notably played a crucial role in the Portuguese national team’s triumph in the 2016 UEFA European Championship. They won this as the host nation.

6. Vitinha (PSG)

Vitinha (PSG)

Vitinha, a talented 22-year-old midfielder, currently represents PSG. The Portuguese player made his move to the French giants in 2022 after previously playing for FC Porto.

Vitinha also had a stint in the Premier League when he joined Wolves on loan during his time at PSG.

Although he has only made five appearances for the national team. Vitinha has already displayed enough maturity and skill to earn a place in the World Cup squad.

5. Fred (Manchester United)

soccer players with number 17

Frederico Rodriguez de Paula Santos joined Manchester United from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2018. It was a big move for the midfielder, who previously played for the Brazilian international.

The 29-year-old has grown from a rocky start to life at Old Trafford to become a key member of the Red Devils squad.

Since joining in 2018, he has made more than 100 appearances for Manchester United. This cemented him as one of the best box-to-box midfielders in the industry.

4. Lucas Vázquez (Real Madrid)

Lucas Vázquez (Real Madrid)

Lucas Vázquez, a versatile Spanish winger capable of playing as both a wing-back and a wing-forward, is currently 31 years old. He has represented the Spanish national team, La Roja, on nine occasions between 2016 and 2018.

In terms of club football, Vázquez has accumulated a total of 11 appearances in both La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Renowned for his adaptability, Lucas Vázquez is considered one of the finest utility players in the sport. He has adeptly fulfilled various positions for Real Madrid throughout his career.

3. Raheem Sterling (Chelsea)

soccer players with number 17

Raheem Sterling has demonstrated remarkable consistency throughout his career, which has garnered the attention of several top-tier clubs.

He began his professional journey at Liverpool before making a move to Manchester City, where he achieved multiple Premier League triumphs. Currently, Sterling has joined Chelsea in London.

For Chelsea, he proudly wears the number 17 jersey, and his performance this season has been commendable. He has already notched up 5 goals across various competitions.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

It is undeniably challenging to find an attacking midfielder who surpasses the exceptional skills of Belgian player Kevin De Bruyne. The midfielder, who represents Manchester City, continues to age like a fine wine, showcasing remarkable performances on the field.

At the age of 30, De Bruyne is rightfully regarded as one of the world’s finest midfielders. He stands among the elite playmakers in the sport.

His exceptional passing ability has been widely recognized. Furthermore, his contributions are often being credited for the impressive form of players like Haaland since joining Manchester City.

In addition, De Bruyne is renowned for his proficiency in scoring free kicks and producing spectacular goals. Already, in the current season of the Premier League, he has accumulated nine assists and scored three goals in just fourteen games.

1. Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich)

Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich)

Sadio Mané, the Senegalese forward, has emerged as a highly regarded player donning the number 17 jersey. In the summer, he made a notable move from Liverpool to Bayern Munich, where he was assigned the number 17.

Finishing as the runner-up in the 2022 Ballon d’Or awards. Mané is widely recognized as one of the premier left-wingers in the world of football. Despite missing the World Cup due to injury. He has been quick to adapt to his new surroundings in Bavaria, impressing with six goals and three assists in the Bundesliga.

Conclusion Soccer Players With Number 17

In conclusion, the significance of the number 17 in soccer cannot be overlooked. Throughout the years, numerous talented and iconic players have donned the number 17 jersey. In the above article we discussed some new soccer stars who are rocking the 17 number jersey. 

The number 17 will continue to be associated with excellence and a never-ending pursuit of greatness. It will represent the resilience and ambition of soccer players worldwide.

That’s a wrap! We hope that you got to learn a lot through the information we provided. 

(FAQs) Soccer Players With Number 17

Can you go pro in soccer at the age of 17?

Yes, it is possible to go pro in soccer at the age of 17. Many professional soccer players have started their careers at a young age, signing contracts with clubs and playing in professional leagues. However, it is important to note that going pro at such a young age is relatively rare and requires exceptional talent, dedication, and opportunities.

Do Soccer Players pick their own number ?

No, soccer players do not always get to pick their own numbers. The assignment of jersey numbers is usually determined by the team’s coaching staff, club traditions, or sometimes the player’s position on the field. The number may hold significance or be associated with a specific position or role within the team.

Can you get scouted in Soccer at 17?

Yes, it is possible to get scouted in soccer at the age of 17. Soccer scouts actively search for talented players at various ages, including teenagers. Scouts may attend matches, tournaments, and youth academies to identify promising players who demonstrate skill, potential, and the ability to contribute to a team.

How do i find a soccer scout?

To find a soccer scout, you can take the following steps:

  1. Attend competitive matches, tournaments, and showcases where scouts are likely to be present.
  2. Join reputable youth academies or soccer clubs that have connections with scouts or professional teams.
  3. Maintain good performance and showcase your skills consistently during games and training sessions.
  4. Utilize online platforms, social media, or networking events to connect with scouts or seek recommendations from coaches and teammates who may have contacts in the soccer industry.

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